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Preparation Guidelines




For natural curly hairstyles please follow these guidelines.



For textured, slick, smooth and soft hairstyles please follow these guidelines. 

Curly Hair

Curly Hair Ladies 

This hair preparation is for the ladies who have naturally curly hair and want to embrace their curls, please don't follow this prep if you have natural curly hair but will wear it smooth for your style. 

  • Wash your hair either the night before or the morning of your event.
    Do whats best for your curls, wether its better to sleep on them or have them fresh on the day. The most important thing is that your hair is clean and not built up with product. 


  • Products - salon quality products are going to give your hair the best look on the day.
    Please use minimal styling products after you have washed your hair, I understand you need to stop frizz and add volume. Do what works best but keep in mind I will be using heat tools and more products on the day. 


  • Drying - If you let your hair air dry normally or use a diffuser both are completely fine.
    If air drying is preferred I will need your hair completely dried before your hair is styled. 

Smooth Hair Ladies

  • Hair wash - Wash hair the night before or morning of your event depending on your hair type and timing. Your hair must be clean. I recommend two shampoos as the first one will remove oils and dirt, where the second will cleanse and clean your scalp. Three shampoos are fine if you need it or have a lot of hair! Please note that I can not add volume or texture to greasy hair. 

  • Product - Please no excessive use of products, heat protector is ok. I recommend using salon quality shampoo and conditioner always, but especially leading up to your event. This will ensure I can get the best out of your style. 

  • Blow dry - Please arrive with blow dried hair that is smooth, no natural waves or curls. If you do struggle to blow dry your hair smooth, I would recommend getting a professional wash and dry at your hairdressers. 

  • Straighteners - Please do not use a straightening iron to smooth your hair as this will flatten the cuticle and can effect the way the hair is styled. 

Straight Hair
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